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Indexing means creating a document guide of your documents to reduce the scuffle of papers and documents, which includes all business documents such as technical manuals, instruction manuals, permanent records, catalogs, newsletters, legal case files, receipts, faxes etc. Indexing plays an important and useful part in the process of making an efficient data management. To heighten usability, all the information of documents should be categorized and organized.

Outsourcing indexing services is not only extremely cost-effective, but outsourcing indexing services to an Indian service provider like ‘Data Outsourcing India’ guarantees you that the information provided in the documents are categorized and organized correctly according to the particular needs of the customer.
Why outsource to Data Outsourcing India:

Indexing services can be really risky task for a company if the staff employees are working on it, it effects the whole output of the employees. Nevertheless if you outsource indexing services to Data Outsourcing India, your employees will have sufficient time to work on their main duties which will increase the overall output. At DOI, we manage high confidentiality of the documents provided by the clients and all your documents will be organized and categorized correctly. We have skilled and qualified technical staff to handle such documents and deliver high level of accuracy. Alternatively, the staff is able to extract specific data content from various document types.

Indexing Services provided by Data Outsourcing India:

• Full Profile and Text Indexing
• Cataloging and Publishing of CD-ROMs
• OCR Document Indexing
• Data Backup and Duplication
• Quick Document Retrieval
PDF Conversion
• Paper to Digital Document Conversion

We have tremendous expertise in a spacious variety of indexing techniques. At Data Outsourcing India we can index every type of document provided by the customers no matter how old the paper is, it could be a database, a book, a CD or a journal. Outsourcing to DOI gives an assurance that the entire project will be delivered on time with high accuracy and quality. We can create an index database based on the customer’s requirements or we can do data entry in the existing database of the customer.

We value our client’s privacy that is why we have a secure network that ensures data safety and total confidentiality. We have a well developed infrastructure and redundant systems that can support project of any volume and size, every staff member has been given specialized training to not only be able to meet the international standards but to exceed them.

For more information visit: http://www.dataoutsourcingindia.com/archiving-indexing.html


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