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There is NO use of a database if it has incomplete or inaccurate information. A database related to any business is vital because it helps to make major decisions for future growth. That’s why companies don’t want to take any risk and they keep fresh their information databases.

Incomplete or outdated databases can harm your business in different ways such as if you have incorrect mailing addresses your promotional letters would not reach to your targeted audience and it would affect your expected sale. Also, if you have a mailing address 5 times in the database then it would be waste of time and money to send a letter to same person or company.

In today’s fast and competitive market, if you don’t have time to manage data cleansing or scrubbing in-house then you can consider outsourcing to stay top of data quality. There are many companies in the international market providing quality data cleansing services on affordable prices, Data Outsourcing India is one of those companies.

Data Outsourcing India has years of experience and market established leadership in the field of Data Cleansing/Data Scrubbing Services.  Our data cleansing service includes:

•  Data Formatting (e.g. upper/lower case, spell check, gender correction)
•  Data Scrubbing
•  Data Standardization
•  Data Aggregation
•  De-Duplication
•  Data Verification (zip code, email, website, phone)
•  Merge-Purge (merging files to make main database)
•  Mailing List Cleanup

We have dedicated teams to manage large scaled databases professionally and we can provide you corrected leads or records on daily basis so that you can run your marketing process without any delay.

Also, if your database is missing essential fields such as email/website/phone then our highly experienced web research associates team can collect that information for you at quick turnaround time without compromising on quality.

To know more about our services, Visit at www.dataoutsourcingindia.com


Outsource cleansing is the ultimate provider of high quality, cost effective IT enabled services.

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Ralph Miller said...

With this, companies are looking for ways to eradicate the information that is not needed by the company. Cleansing of data is one of the processes that can eliminate unnecessary data of the companies.

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