3 Important Reasons for Outsourcing Data Processing

We can say that data is heartbeats of any business. Businesses have to generate large amount of data on a daily basis. They have to face the challenge of efficiently managing data and extract the important information from it. In the recent research, we have found that only 0.5% of data only used and retrieved. A significant amount of data gets lost and some of the data found inaccurate. A lack and inadequate processing of data is the main reason behind this.

Data processing is a process in which the raw form data convert into a useful and readable format. This make possible for information to be stored in an easily accessible format. Most of the data processing such as transaction processing can be an expensive task.

We suggest you to outsource data processing services to an expert service provider company. In this blog, we tell you 3 most important reasons for outsource data processing services.

1. Efficient and Accurate data Management:

Companies need to convert all the information which they get from different data sources into a suitable format for use. They have to go through numerous steps and for that they require skilled knowledge. Only an experienced offshoring service provider can provide this task perfectly at each step. These companies are also efficient to convert it into a customized and readable business-friendly format.

2. Focusing On Core Business Goals:

By outsourcing data processing services to an expert service provider would help companies to concentrate on other important task of business so that they can increase growth of their business. When they perform it in-house, it becomes untenable in the end. To perform data processing in-house, they require substantial investment of funds, resources, staff and equipment.

Moreover, this investment automatically increases when the amount of data generated goes up and you have to face losses when there is a requirement for scaling down. The best solution is to outsource this process to an expert service provider who can scale up or down as per your need without any bother.

3. High Quality Data for Business Analytics:

A high-quality data processing services make you sure that your data would be organized in a structured way. This not only reduces the chances of your data loss but also make you sure that your data is fully accessible for data analysis. You can lose your data when there is a lack of proper data processing.

Things to Consider – Choosing Shopify Upload Partner

If you are searching for an eCommerce platform that have advance features and can easily help you to boost your sales, then you should go for Shopify. It is hassle-free and chosen by over 60,000 online merchants across the world. Shopify is easy to use. After selecting the eCommerce store, you need to populate your store with all the products and their information. To manage all these things easily, you can outsource Shopify product entry to a reliable company.

Points to consider when hiring a Shopify product entry service provider:

Experience: When hiring a service provider, you must consider the experience that the service provider have in this field. How much they are qualified and proficient is equally important while considering.

Technology and tools used: You should focus on the technology and tools that the service providers company generally uses for task. If they are using latest technology and tools, then they would be able to deliver more quality services.

Quality Services: It is essential to know how proficient are the professionals provided by service providers. For this, you can use their free trial sample so that you can figure out the quality of their services.

Turnaround Time: To get your work quickly and on time, you need to know the time that the service provider takes to deliver the project.

When you hire a professional and experienced Shopify product entry service providers company, professionals will work on your project. They add all the products with their information. They create and manage product categories, product descriptions; images crop and resize, image enhancement, attributes, update price and use SEO techniques and strategies. All this helps in getting better rank in search engine result pages and you can get more traffic and boost your sales.

15 Effective Ways to Promote Your Website Online

It is the first priority of every person to increase customers on their site. Every business owner wants more traffic to their great looking site. To increase the traffic on your website, here are some ways you can use it.

1. Search Engines: It is true that majority of traffic comes from the Search Engines. So you should first give the priority to search engines. You need to give lot of time to improve your SEO.

2. Social Link Building: People spend most of their online time on social sites. Through, link on social sites you can introduce your business in front of your known audience and also get opportunity to gain quality back links.

3. Start a blog: If you are not blogging, you don’t know what you are missing. Fresh and interesting content is the main key for SEO success.

4. Comment on other blogs: You can bring targeted traffic to your website by commenting on related blogs.

5. Create a Facebook Page: Facebook is the best social networking site that you can use to get some targeted traffic to your website. You need to think the ways to attract people as they might be of interest into your services.

6. Use Twitter: Twitter has over two million users right now. It could not be ignored that it has an ability to promote your website. You can easily increase followers on twitter and when you have large number of followers, it is as good as an RSS feed.

7. Use Linkedin: It is full of highly educated professionals from different industries at Linkedin, so it can prove to be more effective.

8. Exchange Links: Search Relevant sites to your business and contact them for link exchange. In this case both websites get benefits. Never exchange link with spammy sites.

9. Exchange Banners: Exchange Banners can more effective than exchange links in some cases.

10. Submit your website to web directories: You can submit your website on many directories free. Try to focus on biggest ones websites such as DMOZ.

11. Submit your website to CSS/ design galleries: These galleries can bring nice traffic on your website because some of these galleries are really very famous. So Share your website with the world.

12. Use Digg: Digg is the most valuable source of free and targeted traffic you can get online. You need to give time and effort to make network of friends on Digg. You can’t get traffic just to submit the article on Digg.

13. Use Social Bookmarks: You should use social bookmarking sites to bring traffic on your website. Most of these are free to use, you just need to give your time and effort. You should try with Delicious and Reddit. You can also use less popular social networks as they can bring some traffic easier because they have fewer competitions.

14. Post Videos on YouTube: YouTube is the largest search engine in the world! You should try not only commercial videos but also something interesting that might go viral. Always include your website link while posting video on YouTube.

15. Post Videos on other Video Websites: There are many similar video websites where we can upload our video. Although they don’t have much traffic as YouTube but they have less competition. You have made video for YouTube, now it will not take much time to upload it to other video websites.

5 Tips to Help You Choosing an Outsourcing Company

Nowadays, numerous outsourcing companies are available to do outsource work. Outsourcing can leave a deep impact on your company’s goodwill, so that is why it becomes most important to find a trustworthy outsourcing company for your valuable business. To judge is it right company for your business; you need to focus on many factors.

Here are some useful tips which you can consider before choosing a right outsourcing partner:

1. Company’s Position:  You should check company's year of experience, team strength, capabilities, countries served and projects delivered successfully.

2. Pricing: the cost is the main key element to achieve profit for your business. Outsourcing's first aim is to reduce company's cost, so it is essential to acquire the best possible price. For this, you can compare the price offered by different available companies. But this is not only the deciding factor. You need to focus on level of quality and other things as well.

3. Communication: Company should be competent enough to understand your project's requirements efficiently. They must provide you expert persons who can interact with you regarding project requirement and reply to your queries quickly. So there would be no space for any errors.

4. Management Team: A team is the backbone of any project, so check if they have experienced and proficient team to complete the requirement of your important project. They should be expert to give you best possible solutions for your project.

5. Reliability: The most important documents are NDA and contract. Make sure that each line is clearly written out. There should be no single point of any confusion.

We hope that these tips surely help you to find a best outsourcing company for your project and you would be able to complete your ventures timely and securely.

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Why you must outsource data entry services?

Almost every organization deals with important ‘DATA’ every day. This data could be anything such as attendance sheets, business documents, contracts, products datasheets, price lists and other business related stuff. Managing large amounts of data could be irritating on some point because you not only needed experienced data entry operators for entering, compiling, deleting and organizing data but also need to spend huge amount of time in hiring, infrastructure and facilities. This would not allow you to focus on core business activities to stay in the business competition.

Apart from above, if you outsource data entry services to offshore experts, you would save on time, efforts and money. Also, you would have a lot of time to concentrate on your business growth improving activities. The followings are few important factors on "why you must outsource data entry services":

1.      Save time on hiring and providing training to operators
2.      Outsourcing allows you to save more than 50% cost compared to in-house production cost
3.      Get access to accurately organized data with faster turnaround
4.      Allocate your in-house resources to more valuable task, by outsourcing data entry activities to your offshore partner
5.      Focus on core business activities by leaving time consuming data entry on experts
6.      Start quick deliveries to your customers with the help of offshore data entry professionals, they can provide you overnight deliveries
7.      Raise above the competitors by keeping your databases up-to-date and fresh
8.      Eliminate your expenses on infrastructure or equipments or latest technology

By outsourcing data entry, data processing and document management services to offshore data entry experts you can maximize your efficiency on productivity with highest accuracy. Many outsourcing companies work in multiple shifts to proficiently deliver large batches with quick turnaround.

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How to get good quality in data entry process?

In the modern world, every company is moving to digitization because it is necessary to stay in the competition. After digitization you can access your valuable documents anywhere easily, especially when you are in a business meeting.

But the process of digitization required expertise because a single mistake can break your business growth. The ‘DATA’ is strength for each company as it helps them to take major decisions in expanding business opportunities or in investing money on upcoming projects.

To digitize your valuable documents, you need help from an expert company or require experienced in-house employees. It’s totally your decision you want to outsource your data entry services to offshore company or want to hire skilled employees in-house.

In both the cases, if you keep in mind following points you can get good quality in data entry process.

Process Manual
Prepare a process manual to provide all of your in-house data entry staff (or company where you are planning to outsource your venture). It would help team members to know about the requirements and outputs results needed.

Check List
Let’s prepare a check list for all process steps so that the team can verify all steps before closing a document or account. It would improve quality and save a huge amount of time of your QA team.

Ask your project manager to keep an eye on issues coming day by day and discuss these issues with team members so that they can take best decision in future jobs. It would not only increase quality standard but also improve productivity.

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Outsource Data Cleansing / Data Scrubbing Services

There is NO use of a database if it has incomplete or inaccurate information. A database related to any business is vital because it helps to make major decisions for future growth. That’s why companies don’t want to take any risk and they keep fresh their information databases.

Incomplete or outdated databases can harm your business in different ways such as if you have incorrect mailing addresses your promotional letters would not reach to your targeted audience and it would affect your expected sale. Also, if you have a mailing address 5 times in the database then it would be waste of time and money to send a letter to same person or company.

In today’s fast and competitive market, if you don’t have time to manage data cleansing or scrubbing in-house then you can consider outsourcing to stay top of data quality. There are many companies in the international market providing quality data cleansing services on affordable prices, Data Outsourcing India is one of those companies.

Data Outsourcing India has years of experience and market established leadership in the field of Data Cleansing/Data Scrubbing Services.  Our data cleansing service includes:

•  Data Formatting (e.g. upper/lower case, spell check, gender correction)
•  Data Scrubbing
•  Data Standardization
•  Data Aggregation
•  De-Duplication
•  Data Verification (zip code, email, website, phone)
•  Merge-Purge (merging files to make main database)
•  Mailing List Cleanup

We have dedicated teams to manage large scaled databases professionally and we can provide you corrected leads or records on daily basis so that you can run your marketing process without any delay.

Also, if your database is missing essential fields such as email/website/phone then our highly experienced web research associates team can collect that information for you at quick turnaround time without compromising on quality.

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