15 Effective Ways to Promote Your Website Online

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It is the first priority of every person to increase customers on their site. Every business owner wants more traffic to their great looking site. To increase the traffic on your website, here are some ways you can use it.

1. Search Engines: It is true that majority of traffic comes from the Search Engines. So you should first give the priority to search engines. You need to give lot of time to improve your SEO.

2. Social Link Building: People spend most of their online time on social sites. Through, link on social sites you can introduce your business in front of your known audience and also get opportunity to gain quality back links.

3. Start a blog: If you are not blogging, you don’t know what you are missing. Fresh and interesting content is the main key for SEO success.

4. Comment on other blogs: You can bring targeted traffic to your website by commenting on related blogs.

5. Create a Facebook Page: Facebook is the best social networking site that you can use to get some targeted traffic to your website. You need to think the ways to attract people as they might be of interest into your services.

6. Use Twitter: Twitter has over two million users right now. It could not be ignored that it has an ability to promote your website. You can easily increase followers on twitter and when you have large number of followers, it is as good as an RSS feed.

7. Use Linkedin: It is full of highly educated professionals from different industries at Linkedin, so it can prove to be more effective.

8. Exchange Links: Search Relevant sites to your business and contact them for link exchange. In this case both websites get benefits. Never exchange link with spammy sites.

9. Exchange Banners: Exchange Banners can more effective than exchange links in some cases.

10. Submit your website to web directories: You can submit your website on many directories free. Try to focus on biggest ones websites such as DMOZ.

11. Submit your website to CSS/ design galleries: These galleries can bring nice traffic on your website because some of these galleries are really very famous. So Share your website with the world.

12. Use Digg: Digg is the most valuable source of free and targeted traffic you can get online. You need to give time and effort to make network of friends on Digg. You can’t get traffic just to submit the article on Digg.

13. Use Social Bookmarks: You should use social bookmarking sites to bring traffic on your website. Most of these are free to use, you just need to give your time and effort. You should try with Delicious and Reddit. You can also use less popular social networks as they can bring some traffic easier because they have fewer competitions.

14. Post Videos on YouTube: YouTube is the largest search engine in the world! You should try not only commercial videos but also something interesting that might go viral. Always include your website link while posting video on YouTube.

15. Post Videos on other Video Websites: There are many similar video websites where we can upload our video. Although they don’t have much traffic as YouTube but they have less competition. You have made video for YouTube, now it will not take much time to upload it to other video websites.


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