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As the world is sustaining “paperless” offices, almost companies using automation in invoice processing and using different software or program available in the market for invoice document management. We at Data Outsourcing India can help you to process your invoices in a professional ways so that you can focus on improving your customer support and product shipping system.

If you want to grow your business then you must keep happy your customers and to make that happen you need to focus on numerous areas including “fast product deliveries”. By outsourcing data entry services to us you can surely make faster deliveries to your customers and concentrate on core activities to get new business leads.

Our teams can handle different format invoices comfortably and can enter following fields quickly and accurately into any invoice management database:

•    Buyers Details (Name / Address)
•    Sellers Details (Name / Address)
•    Invoice Number / Reference Number
•    Date of Delivery
•    Date of Invoice
•    Tax Payment (GST / VAT)
•    Purchase Number
•    Number of Units
•    Product Description
•    Product Price
•    Product Price (Calculated = Number of Units x Product Price)
•    Total Amount
•    Shipping Type etc.

As we understand the invoice data entry is a very critical task, we assign only experienced and skilled resources on your account. Our workforce checks each value entered twice to make sure it is entered accurately in appropriate field.

We not only help you to reduce your operational cost but also support you to speed up turnaround with highest level of accuracy. In addition, your data and information will be safe in our hands as we use strict privacy or confidentiality policies.

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