Google +1 & Facebook Like – Benefits to your business

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The Google +1: Search engine optimization is a priority marketing strategy nowadays for every business. Google is one of the leading search engines in the world right now so it’s only appropriate that you strive to rank highest on Google search results. The Google plus button is almost similar to the Facebook like. The Google plus button affects how your page will rank on Google.

Google +1 is used to share the content you like with others. It’s a great tactic for your clients and friends to recommend or give the approval stamp on your products or service. So the point is to get a lot of people excited about your services and get those +1’s. Facebook like button and twitter follow button can be added only once to your page but you can add the +1 button multiple times at the positions you desire. When you click on the Google +1 button, your content will be visible publically in your profile and by that your friends get a chance to read and like the stuff you liked, it brings more traffic to your blog or website.

As we all know the results from Google +1 are being used directly in the Google search results, which gives you a direct SEO benefit. SEO benefits are unique to Google +1 and it’s not available in Twitter or Facebook. All Google account users will see +1 button near each & every search result in Google, therefore the user can click on it if the content is good and the page which contains the highest +1 value will have better ranking in Google search results.

The Facebook Like: This is really a great tool for small businesses to gain on people’s uncontrolled desire to talk, share, recommend. These buttons are not only available on Facebook website but also on millions of domains. Over 350,000 websites are now using social plug-ins and the most favorite of which is ‘Like’ button.

Near about 65 million users ‘like’ something through facebook every single day. ‘Like’ button is one of the fastest and most successful feature that has ever come out in the history of Internet.

Liking pages on websites lets your consumers push their choices back into the Facebook newsfeed of their friends. The more likes your website gets, the more clients you will get. Whether you’re launching a new website or new products, the ‘like’ button is the appropriate tool for your business. Facebook can be a excellent resource to generate brand awareness, it’s becoming more popular amongst variety of age groups and can be a creator of interception point for building your relations with clients.